Community  Development  is  a process  designed  to create conditions  of  economic  and social  progress  for the whole community  with  its  active participation  and fullest possible reliance upon the community's initiative.  the aim of community development / work is  to  improve  the quality  of life  the community by creating  awareness, empower them with life skills, creative thinking and  sustain  the community by  creating  employment  opportunities  on  their  own  effort

Awareness campaigns:

At the Greater Benoni Child Welfare we have four awareness campaigns during the year which focusses on relevant issues that has been identified in the community we serve.  This issus can include:
    - Bullying
    - Child protection week
    - Campaign against women and child abuse
    - Child Trafficking
    - Disabilities
We usually either include school children, community members, foster parents, other clients or professionals in our campaigns.

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