Colin House

Colin House provides a safe haven for chirldren who are considered to be at rish within their home enviroment. Parenting skills, life skills, counselling an reunification services are rendered to these families. Children from across Ekurhuleni are accommodated in Colin House

A maximum of 20 children can be housed at Colin House at any one time. Approximately 60 children are channelled through Colin House pr annum in an attempt to prevent them from moving deeper into the continuum of care during their stay at Colin House, children under go individual counselling, group work and therapy. 

In addition to provideing for the emotional needs of these children, their physical and educational needs are also considered. They, therefore, attend schools within the local community and participate in sport and cultural events. The percentage of children presently being returned to parental care is 60%Where family reunification is not feasible, such children are placed in foster care or children's homes.

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