On 7th October 2014, The Greater Benoni Child Welfare held a holiday programme for 20 of our girls who are currently in foster care.


Constables Ahjum and Valoria sharing self-defence techniques and tips


Christa and Michelle of the Sexual Assault Clinic addressing the young ladies

We would like to extend our appreciation and thanks to Christa and Michelle for the Sexual Assault Clinic for their wonderful and informative presentation. To Constables Ahjum and Valoria for sharing their valuable knowledge of self-defence and to Costa from Chicken Licken, Northmead, for his generous sponsorship of bread.


Fun at the Zoo!

On 10th October 2014, our organisation took 43 foster children to the Pretoria Zoo.

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On the 18th July 2014, The Greater Benoni Child Welfare, will be hosting a Drive (non-perishable foods, clothes, blankets, toys etc) in honour of Mandela Day.

We urge the Community to kindly support our initiative so that we can assist our foster parents, children as well as our community.

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South Africa is one of the societies in the World that sees its future through its children’s and thus, has declared the week of May 26 to 1 June as Child Protection Week. The Greater Benoni Child Welfare cares about the future leaders (children) of this country and will be hosting a prayer day on Wednesday 21 May 2014 at Daveyton Marivati Community hall from 09:00 to 13:00.This is the event ahead of the National Child Protection Week. Our prayers will be dedicated with hopes, beliefs and trust to our Lord the Creator, that the violence namely, abuse, neglect, rape, abandonment , child labour and of course the spreading of orphanage due to loss of parents in societies and homes,will be reduced and our children will live in a better and safer environment .
As a result The Greater Benoni Child Welfare invites all members of society around Benoni, Daveyton and Etwatwa area to join us either physically by attending our service or spiritually by joining us in prayers where ever they are in the fight against the various mentioned circumstances which are threatening the future “the children” of our country. Let us join hands, efforts, spirits and speak in one voice and be part of community that is “Working Together to Protect Children”

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Tribute to Colin House by Lerato Mohvala

(2003/2004 resident)

Oh Colin House, How great you are

You are the best, House of dynamites

You are not just Colin’s House

But you are a protector

You are a shadow, Shelter keeping children warm

You are like a Mother, Accepting any kind of children

House of people who have bright futures

Heroes of tomorrow

Stars and Presidents are living in you

You are a little place

But doing great for people

Help is part of your assistance

Wanting people to have the best

It’s in you, Oh Colin House, A strong hero

Destroying all abusers out there

Abusers who deserve to be punished

You take children

And put them under your safe house

Which is a place of safety

You are not working alone

God is there and workers who are your assistants are

in your place

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New Website

Recently enhanced with a blog and a content management system, our new website will be a lot easier  for us to update and communicate our trials and successes and to our patrons.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the web developer who donated his time and expertise in setting up our new website.

Please check back regularly and  keep your eyes out on facebook and twitter for the Greater Benoni Child Welfare.

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