Child Protection emphasizes on children’s rights and their safety. It is about protecting children from violence, exploitation, abuse and neglect. Benoni Child Welfare is guided by the Children’s Act 38 of 2005 as a child protection organisation. Every year Benoni Child Welfare host a child protection awareness project as to emphasize the protection of our children as they are tomorrow’s leaders.

This year child protection week will be a three day program in which Benoni Child Welfare will go to different schools around Benoni and give a talk about children’s rights and responsibilities. The second day we will hand out flyers that talk more about child protection to the public and the third day Benoni Child Welfare is inviting three Daveyton schools to take part in quiz games and a guest speaker will discuss Child Abuse.


We would love if you can support the campaign by wearing a green ribbon as it symbolizes life and growth. Also to challenge your child by sharing a picture of your child stating their rights and responsibility on facebook or paper. This is to see if the children know their rights and responsibilities.

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What is human trafficking?
“The action or practice of illegally transporting people from one country or area to another, typically for the purposes of forced labour or commercial sexual exploitation.”
Note: Absolutely anybody can be a victim!
It can happen to anyone; any race, socio-economic status, age, gender or education level
How to Identify a Human Trafficking Victim
You may have an opportunity to identify and assist a victim of human trafficking. Here are some signs to look out for:
• Person seems anxious, fearful or paranoid. Avoids eye contact.
• The person is easily tearful and displays signs of depression (link:
• There are visible signs of unexplained bruises or cuts (which could be signs of physical abuse)
• Appears to be in a dominating relationship
• Is never alone and/or always has someone translating or answering questions on their behalf
• Not in control of their own finances
• Comes across as secretive or unable to answer questions about residential information
• Inconsistent details when telling their story (always changing information)
• Does not have identification such as a license, passport or other ID documents
• Person has verbalised their inability to leave their job or residence
• Being a recent arrival to the country and does not speak any of the national languages
• Is under 18 and providing commercial sex acts/ any age unwillingly providing commercial sex acts
• Is afraid of law enforcement or receiving help from an outside entity
How you can help:
If you suspect a victim of human trafficking, take the following actions:
• Ask the person if you can help them find a safe place to go immediately
• If they need time, create an action plan with them to get to a safe place when they are ready
• Call and make a report to the Human Trafficking Hotline (0800 222 777)

The Greater Benoni Child Welfare is hosting a Human Trafficking Awareness Campaign; all are welcome.
When: 10 March 2017
Time:  08:30 – 11:00
Where: St. Andrews Church
Miles Sharp St, Benoni, 1514
RSPV: Aifheli Maravha
011 849 5241 /


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Child Protection Week

 27 May – 2 June 2015


CPW is an awareness campaign that aims at raising awareness of the Rights of Children.  In South Africa, CPW is commemorated annually so as to raise awareness with regards to the Rights of Children in South Africa as articulated in the Children’s Act 38/2005.  Protecting South African Children is a shared National Responsibility of every South African and any adult living in the Country.  


‘Umntwana wakho, ngumntwana wam’

‘Your child is my child and my child is your child’


During CPW, we challenge you to support this campaign by either wearing the green ribbon (symbolises life and growth) or dressing up during  one of these days in what reminds you of your childhood years.  

Take a pic and send it to us.  Remember, it is about having fun, remembering your childhood years and thus creating a non-violent society that will allow our children to be protected and also have a chance to build their own childhood memories.

Additionally, during this week, The Greater Benoni Child Welfare will be running a drive to collect non-perishable goods, clothes and blankets that will be of benefit to both the children in Colin House and the needy (young & old) in Daveyton and Benoni.



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Words to Ponder ……………..

Quotes for Blog

Quotes for Blog

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16 Days of Activism

South Africa, our country of birth and origin. A country made up of eleven official languages nine magnificent provinces each with its own character, beauty, identity, cultural diversity, religion and sense of warmth. However, in our beautiful serene views where civilization lies within our country is there a cry of “help me” in every language known to us. Often we turn a deaf ear and are blinded by the realities of what is happening around us, but it is real…violence against women and children is real.

Rape, abuse and violent crimes are rife and very prevalent in everyday life in South Africa. 1 out of every 3 women in South Africa is raped, 45% of rapes reported are that of children, 50% of children will be raped before the age of 18 years, 85 % of these rape victims will know their perpetrators (

The 16 Days of Activism to Stop Violence against Women and Children is dawning itself upon us. This campaign is run on a yearly basis during the period of 25 November to the 10 December, which includes that of International Day of No Violence Against Women (25 November) and World Aids Day (1 December). This campaign aims to raise awareness of violence against women and children, in hope that this violence will stop.

The Greater Benoni Child Welfare supports this campaign and thus has undertaken the task to raise awareness within our community and beyond about it. As the management and staff we hope that by raising this awareness we can reduce the levels of violence against women and children, and additionally educate our fellow beings about the realities that our country and communities face. We aim to fight against this harshness of violence and abuse that occurs and bring about a community and eventually a country of no violence, abuse, rape and so on…

We as the Management and Staff of the Greater Benoni Child Welfare humbly request you to kindly partake in this campaign by purchasing a broach/magnet (R5.00 each), and supporting the 16 Days of Activism to Stop Violence against Women and Children.

Remember to wear your broach during these 16 days. Additionally, a white ribbon can be worn as a symbol of peace during these days. Remember those victims who lost their lives due to abuse, violent crimes and rape. Remember together we can make a difference and bring about a change in our community and eventually in our country.

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As of 19.12.2014 to 04.01.2015, the offices of The Greater Benoni Child Welfare will be closed. Our offices will re-open on 05.01.2015.

In case of an emergency, a Standby Social Worker will be on call and can be contacted on
071 748 6804 or 076 587 7666

Alternatively, the following numbers can be used:

080 005 5555 : Childline
011 748 7600 : Department of Social Development
011 746 7666 : Children’s Court: Benoni
011 424 1199 : Children’s Court: Daveyton
011 747 0000 : SAPS: Benoni
011 969 4880 : SAPS: Crystal Park
011 845 9800 : SAPS: Daveyton
011 746 8900 : SAPS: Etwatwa
011 845 6315 : SAPS: Putfontein

On behalf of The Greater Benoni Child Welfare’s Management and Staff
We would like to take this opportunity to wish all members of the public
A Merry Christmas and a Prosperous and Happy New Year

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Life is an opportunity, benefit from it

Life is beauty, admire it

Life is bliss. taste it

Life us a dream, realise it

Life is a challenge, meet it

Life is a duty, complete it

Life is a game, play it

Life is a promise, fulfil it

Life is sorrow, overcome it

Life is a song, sing it

Life is a struggle, accept it

Life is a tragedy, confront it

Life is an adventure, dare it

Life is luck, make it

Life is too precious, do not destroy it

Life is life, fight for it

≈Mother Teresa≈


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S H A T T E R E D!


Shatterd Dreams

Our life together

S H A T T E R E D!

Your words leave my emotions like broken pieces of rose-tinted glass
The venom cutting deeper than the blows rained upon my
Bruised and battered body

The hurt, the terror mirrored in our children’s wounded eyes,
penetrating deep into their innocent souls, as they cower
with a sense of powerlessness, seeing through
all your endless lies!


a guilt not theirs to own, as they cry out defencelessly for you to stop, retreating deeper into their
scarred souls – I yet again
in an attempt to preserve peace, take the blame for your misdemeanour…

Feeling your undeserved contempt spreading like a toxin, contaminating
my already broken spirit, attempting to shield our children
from the harsh reality of our tainted home

I have begun to dread your words of ‘love’ – seeing them for
what they are; manipulative and meaningless, your
crocodile tears and empty promises, slither off my numbed emotions,


I shudder at your touch; supposed instruments of love that, hours ago beat me black and blue
Life becomes a soulless ritual of declarations of love and hate – brief moments of
hope dashed into a deeper pit of despair….

Can words of love come from the same wellspring of hatred?

Just as the new dawn begins to light a darkened and tumultuous sky, so
I begin to see you for what you are – weak, afraid and
insecure at the very essence of my being…

As a phoenix, I will
rise from the ashes again
For I am


the beauty of
God’s creation

Written by Wilma Chelius
1 September 2013

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Maido, recent ABET Graduate.

The Greater Benoni Child Welfare, hand in hand with Lotto and The Training Professionals, empowered a number of Etwatwa Foster Parents by giving them the opportunity of attending the ABET Course. At the Graduation Ceremony held on 5 November 2014, Maido, an ABET student, read a poem which she had composed.


A sudden change of thought
And there I was gone, I followed my instincts
And a new me was born.
I can’t believe that I’m here at school
Out of the house, out of the streets

A sudden change of mind
Being blind, I then could see I made it here,
In a world where opportunities are vast and unseen
Where I no longer feel like I’m lost.
Opportunities are so many in this world
There will be more for me tomorrow

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