Services Offered

  • Statutory services
  • Foster care supervision (+ 3000 children)
  • Intake Services
  • Investigation of child abuse and neglect
  • Target group – children under 12 years
  • Community projects – ABET,  Food Parcels
  • Colin House Child & Youth Care Centre

Statutory Services

Identify and assess children who are at risk by virtue of the fact that they may have been neglected, abandoned, orphaned or abused and to render statutory services to such children by finalising Children’s Court enquiries in terms of Section 150 – 156 of the Children’s Act 38/2005

Supervision Services

Render supervision services, offer foster children support, monitor their school progress and meet the requirements of Section 159, 176, 171 & 175 of the Children’s Act 38/2005. Monthly  Foster Parent Support Groups and Holiday Programmes for Foster Children are offered.

Intake Services

Offer an Intake Service by operating three offices (Benoni, Daveyton and Etwatwa) where new referrals are accepted and crisis intervention services are rendered

Other Services

Early intervention and prevention programmes

Life skills programmes

Recruitment and training of volunteers

Colin House

Colin House provides a safe haven for children who are considered to be at risk within their home environment.   Parenting skills, life skills, counselling and reunification services are rendered to these families.  Children from across Ekurhuleni are accommodated in Colin House.

A maximum of 20 children can be housed at Colin House at any one time.  Approximately 60 children are channelled through Colin House per annum in an attempt to prevent them from moving deeper into the continuum of care.  In addition to providing for the emotional needs of these children, their physical and educational needs are also considered.  They, therefore, attend schools within the local community and participate in sport and cultural events.  The percentage of children presently being returned to parental care is 60%.  Where family reunification is not feasible, such children are placed in foster care or children’s homes.




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