Maido, recent ABET Graduate.

The Greater Benoni Child Welfare, hand in hand with Lotto and The Training Professionals, empowered a number of Etwatwa Foster Parents by giving them the opportunity of attending the ABET Course. At the Graduation Ceremony held on 5 November 2014, Maido, an ABET student, read a poem which she had composed.


A sudden change of thought
And there I was gone, I followed my instincts
And a new me was born.
I can’t believe that I’m here at school
Out of the house, out of the streets

A sudden change of mind
Being blind, I then could see I made it here,
In a world where opportunities are vast and unseen
Where I no longer feel like I’m lost.
Opportunities are so many in this world
There will be more for me tomorrow

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